Beadling Sports Club 
House Rules Effective Jan 21, 2019

Category I Rules:

1. No littering on Club property.

2. Only an Officer or the Bartender on Duty is permitted to open the Club’s door when the bell rings or light flashes.

3. All Guests MUST be signed in by the Sponsoring Member.

4. Guests are not permitted to make purchases.

5. Guests must leave the Club when the Sponsoring Member leaves.

6. Anyone under the age of 21  must be supervised by the Sponsor at all times.

7. Club Rules prohibit anyone under the age of 21 from sitting at the bar.  

8.    Anyone under the age of 18 must leave the Club by 9:00 PM, and anyone between the ages of 18 and 21 must leave the Club by 12:00 Midnight.

9. a. Anyone age 13 years and under is not permitted to utilize the Club’s game, with or without supervision, including shuffleboard, bocce, pool, and darts.

 b. Anyone ages 14 to 18 is permitted to utilize the Club’s games, with direct supervision by the Sponsor.

c. Anyone under the age of 21 must surrender the Club’s games to a Member upon request.

10. The jukebox cannot be played when Pittsburgh Professional Sports are on TV, except for Friday and Saturday nights after 9:00 PM during regular season games.

11. Only the Bartender on Duty is permitted to change the channel or adjust the volume on the TV’s or jukebox, although the Bartender may ask an Officer or Member to do so.

12. No gambling on the Club’s games.

13. No profanity.

14. Each Member is permitted to sign in up to three (3) Guests per day.  (More than three (3) Guests may be signed in if approved by an Officer and only if those Guests are family members of the Sponsor or in attendance for a special function.)

15. Dues are set by the Board and must be paid the first time you enter the Club after being accepted as a new Member, and by December 31st of every calendar year thereafter.  You may not be signed in if you have not paid your dues.

16. Any Club Member wishing to hold any social or sporting event, or solicit funds or prizes using the Club’s name, must have prior approval from the Board.

17. Non-members are not permitted to play cards.  Money is  not to  be on tables while playing cards.

18. When exiting the club and on the bridge, you must give right of way to vehicles entering the club.

19. You must clean you table prior to leaving the club.   
The punishment for the violation of Category I Rules will be progressive: The first violation will be a written reprimand, and the  second violation will result in a 15-day suspension.  Subsequent violations will be punished with a 30-day suspension, and total disregard for any Category I Rule will result in a more severe punishment. 
 Category II Rules:

1. Your key fob is the property of the Beadling Sports Club.  You are not permitted to give your key to anyone or permit anyone else to use your key fob.  This includes other Members.

2. The Club will not tolerate:  a. fighting, drunk and/or disorderly conduct. b. disorderly and/or abusive language, especially toward the Club’s Bartenders. c. failure to follow bartenders or officers directives. d. failure to exit the club as mandated by the posted hours.          

The punishment for the violation of Category II Rules will be progressive: The first violation will be a 30-day suspension, and the second violation will be a 60-day suspension.  Subsequent violations will be handled on an individual basis and will result in a more severe discipline up to and including expulsion from the Club. 
 Category III Rules

1. The Club will not tolerate:  a. the possession, use, or distribution of illegal drugs,

b. the possession of firearms on Club property,

c. the intentional destruction or theft of the Club’s, Members’ or Guests’ property while on the Club’s premises. 

2. Failure to notify the club of any incident on club property within 24 hours.
The violation of Category III Rules will generally be subject to suspension of six (6) months to one (1) year or permanent expulsion from the Club.  Except for permanent expulsion, discipline will be determined by the current Board of Officers. 
Disclosure Statement:  The current Board of Officers reserves the right to add, change, or delete from this document as deemed necessary and in the best interests of the Club.